Relief Chef

If you are stuck for a chef and you think i could help then give us a call. I charge by the 1/2 day, not the hour. 1/2 day is up to 5 hours in my world.


For the quickest response try my twitter account 24/7.

I can travel to most of Cornwall.. further afield will take some planning and may incur some travel fees

35 years experience.. Too honest for my own good, Straight Talking. Problem Solver.

"I have known Adrian for over 10 years and have worked with him on numerous different projects, he always approaches things with enthusiasm and a desire do do the job the right way. Adrian is a skilled chef with a strong focus on customer service and a real desire to make guests happy.”

Russell Brown

former Michelin Starred Chef, Dorset

""he's often hairy... And it's tinged with ginger. But Adrian is a one of a kind, hard working and a genuinely nice guy. I'm proud to call him my friend"

Bruce Rennie Chef Owner The Shore, Penzance