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A new home for myself and lovely friends Georgie and Josh Sutcliffe of Kalhouras Kitchen.Located at Clear Space, Dunveth Business Park, West Hill, Wadebridge PL27 7FE, a brand new Industrial Space full of new Buisness, Expanding Ventures and Positive People

A place for Production, Retail of our Fabulous Food, Dispatch for Online Sales and  Chef's Table 

                                                   Chef's Table

Supper Club?,  a Pop Up,? a Feast Night? A Private Dinner Experience? All of these things and more.. for 10 guests max

All sat together on a quite magificent table 

Chef's Table  will be available to book for your exclusive use, with a bespoke menu written with you

We don't have an amazing view of a Harbour. The building is not Listed. We have no spent a fortune on an Interior Design. We wont be selling you booze (BYO* will be encouraged) This is stripped back dining, where all our engergies go on The Food and The Service. This is not  a restaurant. Pre booked dinners will be listed here and linked back to here on our Social Media. We will start a group for those that prefer to get their news via email. WhatsApp will probably be added

* look out for wine pairing suggestions from a superb Wine Merchant, no obligation, but nice to have an expert view

Chef’s Table at 43


12th August 2023


Grilled Goats Cheese with Cherry Tomato Salsa


Crab Cakes with Marinated Cucumber and Saffron and Garlic Mayo

Cornish Rack Of Lamb, Rosemary Red Wine Sauce,

Dauphinoise Potatoes


Pan Fried Fillet of Brill, New Potatoes

Tomato and Chive Butter Sauce


Chocolate, Orange and Almond Cake


Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce


Tea, Coffee with Caramelised Walnuts

£50   BYO



Cornish Field Kitchen

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